Tarik Ghezali

For 15 years, Tarik Ghezali has been advising and supporting all sorts of innovators : social, environmental et technological.


Why Marseille ? Between Alger and Paris, Marseille was obvious. Why Solutions ? Because being pessimistic and not acting is a luxury we can no longer afford. My motto : "Constructive-Rebels" from everywhere, unite !

Anne-Claire Gosselin

For 10 years, Anne-Claire Gosselin develops and supports social innovation projects, from La Défense (Paris) to Bangkok's slums and Cameroun. Why settling in Marseille ? Because Marseille is a city that gets under your skin and she has roots there. Why "accelerating optimism" as a baseline ? Because acting is the best remedy against fear. My motto : Let them speak and come to Marseille, this city is filled with energy, talents and motivation.

Mathilde Gardien

From Grenoble to San Francisco and then Paris, Mathilde studied political sciences, specialised in cultural projects development. She then discovered social innovation in Marseille, and decided to join the field in 2015. Why Marseille ? Because it's the city of alterity, rich by its contrasts. Why Solutions ? Because Marseille's potential is infinite, and it is time to take full advantage of it. My motto : "Nothing can change if you don't face it !"

Alexis Bouges

Before discovering Marseille, Alexis visited the "North" (Paris, Toronto, Uppsala), guided by management studies and startup entrepreneurship, as well as sustainable development and associative commitment... Social entrepreneurship then appears as the obvious inbetween. Why Marseille ? Unlike no other cities, mysterious and vibrant, "those who arrive on the port, have to feel at home". Why Solutions ? Multiple but hidden talents, unexploited potential, the ingredients are here, in Marseille !