Passionate about Marseille and social entrepreneurship, we decided to pool our skills to locally boost the development of high-impact projects. Like a snub to the negative image of Marseille, too often presented as "the city of problems" ... We want instead to demonstrate that Marseille can become the Capital of Solutions!


Our mission: to imagine, build and deploy solutions that effectively address the social and environmental problems of Marseille and its metropolis. By solutions, we mean companies, social innovations, public-private actions, ... We have no restrictions on the type of solutions, as long as they produce impact and can be deployed sustainably.


We offer "accelerator" support to "solutions entrepreneurs", which can include : identifying opportunities, mobilising relevant stakeholders, co-constructing the project, developing the business plan, fundraising, recruitment, communication, evaluating. Independent and focused on the general interest, we work with all the forces of the territory, but without depending on anyone.


We choose to focus on the resources (skills, money, ideas, entrepreneurs, etc.) rather than the gaps. In Marseille as elsewhere, resources are not lacking! What is lacking is the ability to link them, through action and trust, to make them act together on ambitious projects. This is at the heart of our added value.

By its capacity also to unite and to generate enthusiasm: we believe in the contagion force of optimism! In today's uncertain and turbulent world, we even have a duty of optimism: pessimism is a luxury we can no longer afford!


Discover below the 10 principles that guide the Marseille Solutions' action on a daily basis, but also the "Steps of a solution", from the idea to the deployment, through the construction, and our involvement in each of these stages (only available in French for now, sorry !)